In Sweden VAT (or MOMS) is applied by a standard 25% rate, thus considerably affecting the costs incurred by your company for any occasional business carried out within the Swedish territory. Such costs may be reduced by recovering the VAT paid.
Indeed, foreign companies residing in a EU country – if subject to VAT in their own country – are entitled to refer to Swedish Tax Authority to recover the VAT paid on expenses such as:
1. booth rental and furnishings for participation in trade shows,
2. other trade show-related expenses such as electricity, air and water supply, flowers, booth attendants and interpreters,
3. participation fees for training courses or conferences,
4. advice fees,
5. oil and toll costs for International Transportation Companies,
6. accommodation expenses

How to claim VAT refund in SWEDEN

In order to claim swedish VAT refund, you shall send us:
1. All the original Invoices displaying swedish VAT. No receipts or other documents may be accepted.
2. A Recent and Original Certificate issued by the relevant Tax Authority of your EU country of residence, stating that your company is registered there for local VAT payment. (Ask for a sample form)
A special Letter of Authority which you should print on your headed paper and sign, by which you authorise us to prepare and submit your claim for refund on your behalf. (Ask for a Proxy form)
Claims may solely be submitted on a yearly, six-monthly or quarterly basis. Refund claims for a total value inferior to € 300.00 will be rejected.

Deadlines for claims

We shall receive all the documents necessary for the submission of your request by 31st August of the year following the invoice date. The refund claim, as a matter of fact, must be submitted to the relevant Tax Authority by 30th September of the year following the invoice date.
Please Note: Any claims submitted after this terms shall be rejected as not acceptable;


When and How You Get Your Refund

The competent Tax Authority shall pay the refund no later than 6 months from the date the claim is submitted, by way of a direct bank transfer to the account held by the applicant.

Non-refundable VAT

No Swedish VAT refund will be paid on the following services:
– Goods and services unrelated to the company business
– Goods and services used for activities that are exempt according to Swedish Tax Laws
– Purchase or hire of passenger motor vehicles
– Entertainment expenses.

Our tariff for VAT Recovery in SWEDEN is based on the amount of refunded VAT, contact us to know it.

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